Introducing the Staff

From Professors to Artists, meet the people who make LUC happen

Prof. Eric Lewis

Eric Lewis is a professor of philosophy specializing in the philosophy of improvised arts.  In particular, he is interested in the ontology, aesthetic and politics of improvised music.  He has been working on community-based arts projects for over a decade, and is committed to the belief that we can build community via collective arts practices.  He runs the annual Koumaria Improvised New Media Art Residency, is the Director of the Laboratory of Urban Culture (LUC), helps run IICSI (International Insitute for Critical Studies in Improvisation), and is the author of numerous books and articles.  He is a member of Medea Electronique, and performs regularly on brass and electronics.

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Music Instructor
Julie Richard

Julie Richard est une musicienne et visionnaire, activiste et éducatrice dont le cheminement unique transcende les frontières traditionnelles grâce à sa volonté inébranlable d'explorer et de créer des liens entre la musique et l'expérience humaine. Elle s'est fait un nom en fournissant sa propre signature de Tuba/Bass dans la scène de musique du monde et divers autres styles de musique.  Surtout auprès des groupes Orkestar Kriminal et Gypsy Kumbia Orchestra dont les albums furent nominées aux Juno award, Gala ADISQ et au GAMIQ. 

Jamais au repos, Julie apporte la même innovation dynamique et la même perspicacité expressive qui ont fait d'elle une tubiste de concert  à ses autres rôles.

Caili Woodyard
Project Coordinator

Holds a Bachelors’ degrees in fine arts (Concordia, 2007) and theology (CMU, 2002). She completed course work in environment studies (McGill) and participated in UQAM’s École d’été sur l’agriculture urbaine. Caili is a visual artist working in painting and textiles, with occasional forays into performance work. She has long been involved in arts, environmental and community engagement, both in academia and with not-for-profit organizations. Academic connections include previous work at the Institute for Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies & the Quartier de l’Innovation, Research and International Relations offices at McGill University. Her not-for-profit experience notably includes facilitating arts activities with indigenous populations in Winnipeg's North End. Caili's entrepreneurial and start-up proclivities include starting and managing a volunteer-run campus café during her student days. Caili brings strong leadership, project and events planning and administrative skills to the Lab of Urban Culture. She lives and works in Montreal's South-West borough. 


Eliza Moore
Sound/Recording Instructor

Eliza Moore’s sound is healing and uplifting. Timeless and ethereal qualities mingle with playful, rhythmic elements throughout her eclectic body of work. As a hybrid musician, composer, DJ, and lover of movement, Eliza’s passion for spontaneous expression and live performance have made her a sought-after artist at renowned yoga and dance events and music festivals. 

Currently, Eliza lives in Montreal where she just finished a collaboration with Stephane Carreau (Bet.e and Stef) on her album “Rêves de mer”.

When she isn’t in the studio, Eliza can be found guiding children, creatives and corporate executives in mindfulness techniques, cruising on her bike along the St Lawrence with her family or inventing a new stew in her crockpot. She aspires to compose music for feature films or series one day.

Previous Staff Members

Music Instructor
Peggy Hogan

Peggy Hogan is a multidisciplinary performing artist, producer, music educator and researcher. She has been teaching piano, voice and music theory for over a decade and roots her pedagogical approach in exploration and immediacy. She releases music and performs as Hua Li and released her debut album in September 2019. 

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Tiana McLaughlan
DJ Instructor

Tiana McLaughlan goes by the alias Honeydrip and she has been djing for over 4 years. Having discovered her passion through being a radio host, she has since then played festivals like Igloofest, Piknic Électronik, and shows in cities around the world. Honeydrip has also studied in Electroacoustics which gives her a creative edge on beat production.